1st place 2017 - team austrian Jobs

Thomas Maurer, Stefan Mair

1st place 2016 - Fischersfritz

Thomas Buchner, David Lanschützer

1st Place 2015 Team Anglerwelt

Peter Tuczai, Christian Lang

1st place 2014 - Relax Team Romania

Liviu Voicu, Robert Boanta

1st place 2013 - Andy's Wallercamp 1

Andreas Gutscher, Andreas Gutscher Jr.

1st place 2012 - Big Fish Adventure 2

Andreas Reisegger, Christian Schöndorfer

1st place 2011 - Spinningista

Uli Sichler, Damian Sojka

7 years lake trophy

Hard competition, friends and fun

Zander with 92 from Wolfang Leitner, Team Jackson

Waiting for the starting signal

Catch and Release is a must!

nice surprises

Once found you can catch many perch

Top 3 – 2016